Our Coronavirus (Covid-19) deep cleaning and decontamination service provides an extremely high level of virus protection. We provide a tailored virus removal solution for every customer based on years of experience. Our solution can be broken down into three separate stages and can be delivered as a set of three or each stage utilised in isolation.

Stage 1: CLEAR

Clear is a robust, lasting and scalable hygiene solution designed to end and prevent bacterial, viral and pathogenic contamination as well as removing persistent odours from within indoor areas.

Stage 2: DEFEND

Defend uses advanced technology to apply an electrostatic charge to an antimicrobial coating to the surfaces that are being treated, killing any micro-organism that lands on it for up to one year.

Stage 3: WATCH

Watch is a continuous hygiene monitoring service that is a tailor made to your requirements.

What is involved in a deep clean?

During a Coronavirus decontamination (Covid-19 clean) there is a large amount of preparatory work that goes into it. The part of the treatment where we actually carry out a series of steps in an attempt to eradicate the virus is known as the decontamination phase. What comes before that is what we refer to as a deep clean.

With Coronavirus, or any other highly infectious disease we might be dealing with, our technicians will always take care to ensure the proper PPE is worn and appropriate measures established to avoid contamination migration.

With a deep clean in an area known to harbor an infectious disease, much like Coronavirus (Covid-19), the technicians will wear full-face masks which require a formal face-fit test to certify that the seal is made between the technicians face and the mask with the proper filters applied.

In the case of Covid-19 the cartridges we use for the masks are 3M 6059 ABEK1, known as combination gas filters. These are essential for filtering out harmful and hazardous organic vapours.

The Covid19 deep clean consists of a thorough manual clean by our technicians to the area that is going to be treated. Special attention is paid to high traffic areas that may be touched often such as door handles, phones, computer keyboards and so on. Only once the deep clean has been carried out can the full Covid-19 decontamination clean begin. This will then follow the 3 major steps outlined above.

Waiting for us to arrive?
Complete these checks:

Once an individual has actively shown the symptoms as described by Public Health England, the proper PPE should be worn if available. Ensure non-essential personnel are removed from the premises and anyone that does remain is fitted with an FFP3 face mask.

Strict Hygiene Practices
It is important to maintain strict hygiene protocol as outlined by the NHS and Public Health England. Ensure that wherever possible, open doors with your foot or elbow and wash hands regularly and thoroughly in accordance with good hygiene practice.

Control Measures
Make sure that no unnecessary individuals are let in and out of the building or affected area. Be sure to put up appropriate signage informing people of the situation and avoid, as much as possible, the touching of your face, eyes, nose and mouth.